The place where every meal is a story to tell.

Entering into a new era at our new home, it only makes sense to reaffirm Carbon Bistro as the link between the senses and sensational cuisine.

With our new, improved venue and a fire in our belly, Carbon Bistro will continue the pursuit of connecting people to unpretentious food, amazing drinks and memorable encounters.

From Provence to Pretoria, with love.

On our quest to find the perfect way of capturing the essence of fine dining while remaining homely and inviting; we were transported to the fragrant streets of Provence in southern France, where authentic homestyle dishes are generously offered. This inspired us to create unique, seasonal meals that are freshly prepared, beautifully plated and served with a giving heart.

Combining great food & drinks are no accident – it’s a Gincident!

Our passion goes beyond the craft of fine food. Craft gin has become something that we truly love and enjoy. We stand out from the crowd with over 220 selections of the best local and international gins from nearly 40 countries [and still counting]. We guarantee you’ll be spoilt for choice with every visit.


A beautiful experience!

Great Meals
Local & International Gin


Best Bistro in Gauteng

WoW! This is amazing! What an honour to be voted Best Bistro in Gauteng!

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